Investing in Tomorrow’s Innovations

TRGC is a digital asset fund focused on investment opportunities that will spark the internet’s next paradigm shift.

Our Focus

Digital Assets, Web 3.0 and Blockchain Infrastructure

The ability to place value on an emerging ecosystem of blockchain protocols and application layers presents an exponential investment opportunity that doesn’t come very often.


TRGC invests exclusively in liquid digital currencies, assets and tokens, supporting exceptional project teams that are utilising blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift.


Through a research-driven and rigorous bottom-up investment process, TRGC looks to generate asymmetric risk-adjusted across all spectrums of digital assets.

Our Aim

We back visionary teams and companies that are in pursuit of a better global financial system, with an aim to foster the growth of the world’s most promising projects in the emerging technologies sector.


Leveraging both our deep understanding of the ecosystem and our extensive industry connections, we are able to put capital to work efficiently, supporting the next wave of trailblazing blockchain, Web3 and DeFi innovators.

Our Team​

Etiënne vantKruys

Managing Partner

Etiënne focuses on deal sourcing globally ranging from early stage blockchain projects to liquid digital assets and special situations. He also leads the fund’s strategy and facilitates partnerships that present value-add opportunities.


Etiënne began his financial career in 2004, investing in equities, specialising in Biotech. His introduction to blockchain was through his investment in Bitcoin in 2012 and Ethereum in 2014. Since 2016, Etiënne has been an active angel investor and advisor to innovative teams and has built a strong network of partners that span across every continent. He has also assisted project teams with their go-to-market, and reaching their funding goals, and navigated several projects that now have over $1bn in market capitalisation. Notable involvements include Kava, Avalanche and Akash. 


Etiënne holds a BA in Educational Sciences and MSc in Educational Sciences from Utrecht University.

Yoon Kim

Partner, Head of Research

Yoon focuses on the fund’s research arm, where several quantitative strategies are implemented to generate risk-adjusted returns within liquid digital assets.  


Yoon has been investing in early-stage technology, media, and telecom companies since 1999, with his investment career beginning at Ziff Brothers Investments. Having built and led Tremblant Capital’s digital sector investments, growing the fund’s AUM from $200m to $5bn, Yoon then launched Vestry Capital, a global long-short equity fund seeded by Citadel Asset Management. His introduction to digital assets began in 2017 when he began investing in digital assets and early stage blockchain projects.


Yoon received a BA in Philosophy and Economics from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford.

Damian Williams

Partner, Strategy and Operations

Damian focuses on fund strategy and operations and investor relations.


Damian has extensive financial experience spanning 20 years and was previously a Partner and Managing Director at several New York based Hedge Funds including SAC Capital, Welch Capital Partners, Newgrange Partners. With a focus ranging from Healthcare, Real Estate and Technology,  Damian has also actively invested in early-stage technologies including Blockchain, Fintech and Robotics.


Damian holds both an MA and EdM in Psychology from Columbia University. He also holds BS from Mercy College.

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